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My name is Blaženka Divić. I was born in Slavonski Brod, Croatia, on 30th December 1972 into Catholic family. I grew up in a family surrounded by the love of my parents, brother and sister. As a little girl I always dreamed that I would be a doctor or a pilot when I grew up. My dolls were my patients that I treated each day and when I ran across the fields, I always looked at the sky in wonder and fantasized about being a pilot. The first movie I watched as a little girl wasSandokan” (in black and white), the story of a very young and handsome Indian with long black hair. What can I say? I fell in love with him. Then I started thinking about how I would definitely get married when I grew up, to Sandokan, of course. Childhood was the best period of my life: I was surrounded by love, joy, laughter, play… From my parents I absorbed, almost by osmosis, belief in God, unconditional love, security, joy, hope ... They've been a model of true believers. I loved to watch my mom and dad to see how much they loved each other. My parents taught me, and my brother and sister as well, to trust in God, to love, to forgive, to be responsible, mature, independent, free… I am grateful to God for my parents.

My family belonged to the parish of Our Lady of Prompt Succor, where I met the Ursulines. They taught me catechism in the parish. As a family we went to Mass regularly and often I had the opportunity to be in contact with the Ursulines. As a young girl I clearly knew what I wanted in my life. My dream, from childhood, that I would be a doctor or a pilot disappeared. I was, as a young girl, very proud, beautiful, smart ... I loved beautiful clothes, shoes, makeup, good music... I wanted to work with children, to be married, to be a nice woman to my husband and a good mother to our children. I was in love and had a boyfriend.

One summer I went to Taizé with my boyfriend and our mutual friends. I was there, one night, alone and prayed before the Crucifix. This moment of prayer was an important milestone for me that changed my life completely. I strongly experienced Jesus’ love on the cross for me. He called me to follow Him in love, and asked me if I wanted to be His, His beloved spouse and share with Him His life. It was difficult to make a decision; respond to Jesus' invitation or follow my desire to have a family, to be a wife and mother. In the process of deciding, I realized that Jesus' love for me was stronger than any human love. I've said myfiat’, my “YES” and began an adventure of love for Jesus Christ as an Ursuline sister. Jesus has made me his spouse and spiritual mother of all that He sends my way. It is also an essential characteristic of St. Angela's spirituality, foundress of the Ursuline order. During formation, I studied and graduated from the Carmelite Institute of Spirituality with the title of "Master of Spirituality and Spiritual Leader," and from the Pedagogic-Teachers College with the title "Kindergarten teacher,” and after a course at the Institute of Church and Liturgical Music with the title "Musician and Choir Director." I am a member of the Ursuline community in Vlaska Street, Zagreb. My province has given me a mission to serve and work at St. Angela Merici kindergarten as kindergarten teacher and director. I am also a provincial councilor in my province.

This time of my Tertianship in Rome is a great time of grace, time in which I deepen my love of Jesus, and of all my sisters and brothers. I am grateful to the Lord, to my Province and the Institute for this rich time of prolonged prayer, for the opportunity to pray the spiritual exercises in the long retreat, for deep experience of God’s love, our sisterhood and internationality. I'd like to love Jesus more, deeper, more powerfully ... and be faithful to Him, to love and serve to Him in each human being on my life’s path.

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